Huntac 3

This hunting light features green Red white or IR LED. 500 lumens output. Effective range 350 yards beam.

the flashlight with dimmer tailcap switch, can be control 1%-100% brightness.very professional.

As it doesn’t use lens or filters, It produces 100% light which allows you to see more clearly and farther.

It also can comes with a pressure switch and rifle mount according to your choose

complete recharge kit with two sets of high performance rechargeable batteries and a smart charger for optional

Rechargeable batteries can be charged 500 times, environment and wallet friendly.

The smart charger automatically detect battery status and stop charging once complete.

Put this hunting light on your rifle today. Your next hunting trip will be easier and more enjoyable!

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Setting Information

Housing   :  Anodized finish
rated voltage  : 3.7V
material         : Aluminum alloy T6063
light color      : Green/red/white/IR for optional
installation :  Unscrew the tube and replace bulbs
temperature   : optional
battery type   : 18650 Li-ion battery
run time        : > 4hours